Safety Tips

Meet Sellers in person

Check out item's quality and make sure it meets your expectations before you make a payment

Always ensure you meet the person in an open place if possible where people are


Prepayments are strictly prohibited on Nairastreet

Buyers - never pay before purchase! You can discuss the cost of delivery, but you can pay for the product only AFTER delivery is done.
Sellers - don't ask for any prepayments before delivery! If your reported we shall terminate your account


Be careful

Double check company's background and look through its website before going for an interview. Do not submit any upfront fees for a job application. Do not go to the remote or unfamiliar places for an interview. Do not disclose any personal information like bank account number or your photo copy ID.



To give you another level of confidence we often verify some sellers on the real intent of their services, however it doesn’t mean that case like fraud or scam may not come from verified accounts always follow safety tips if you notice such users just report it and we shall close the account


Use common sense

Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money



Finally Nairastreet does not offer any payment scheme in purchases. Please, report users claiming to offer such services.

Avoid anyone who asks for extra fees to buy or sell an item or service. Nairastreet never requests payments for its basic services and does not allow items that are not located in Nigeria, so import and brokerage fees should never be required

Services such as Western Union or MoneyGram are not meant for transactions between strangers and many scams are run through them. Avoid such requests.